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18.03.2019 20:00 - 23:30
K19 Nachbarschaftstreff, Kreuzigerstr.19

Introduction of KIDA (Katosi Inter-community Development All

Introduction of KIDA (Katosi Inter-community Development Alliance (Uganda) by Henry Nsubuga

KIDA is a local community based

nonprofit organization registered in the central region of Uganda Mukono



This association/ organization bears the name: (KIDA). Since 2012, KIDA has been working in rural areas to improve the quality of life by helping to create economically strong community infrastructures that can be maintained by humans. A number of activities have been undertaken that are suitable for coping with the daily lives of these sections of the population.


KIDA has focused primarily on providing basic ways to address societal

challenges, such as providing primary education for orphans and vulnerable

children, training single parenting skills, and working with organized

community groups for rural development in Katosi.


Katosi is adjacent to Lake Victoria and has a population of 16,442 people,

61% of whom are children and adolescents under the age of 20. This

population is dependent on fisheries and since the 2000s the area is

severely affected by HIV / AIDS and its fatal effects, in 2017 KIDA set up a

primary school in Katosi, which still has 350 children (who used to do

child labor in fishing) formed.


KIDA Vision: A world with equal opportunities and equal access to its

resources for all.



Henry Nsubuga, a co-founder of KIDA will

share the history of this Community Based Organization from 2012 when it started.



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