Eine Welt Stadt Berlin ist
Berliner Entwicklungspolitischer Ratschlag (BER)
FairBindung e.V.
07.09.2019 15:00 - 11.09.2019 12:00
Internationale Jugendbegegnungsstätte Kreisau, Krzyżowa 7, 58-112 Grodziszcze, Poland

Mental infrastructures and resources for the transition

What are mental infrastructures? How do they influence our thinking, feeling and acting? Which personal mental resources are helpful for a socio - ecological transformation? What is meant by acceleration of life? What is meant by the “homo economicus”? How does the concept influence our daily lives? Which alternative concepts exist (de - acceleration, resonance,...)?

How growth shapes our thoughts, feelings and actions

The aim of the project is to broaden the understanding of ESD in Germany and Poland by promoting the concept of “transformative education”. By introducing a critical-emancipatory perspective, we wish to multiply methods that allow for a deconstruction of “mental infrastructures” such as the growth paradigm.

At the core of the project is a series for trainings for multipliers from non-formal education as well as teachers in Germany and Poland. It includes ten modules, each focusing on a specific aspect of ESD (e.g. ecological boundaries, food sovereignty, growth criticism). The participants are introduced to specific methods of „transformative education“ and learn how to apply them in their own context. A desired output of the project is a Polish method book that comprises some of the used methods.

The training cycle is aimed at mulipliers from Germany and Poland: teachers working in general education or vocational education and training, and multipliers active in non-formal education from the fields of sustainability, ESD, Transformative Education, Global Learning, environmental education, etc. The three thematic symposiums will bring the education specialists into an exchange with actors from the fields of research, civil society, politics and media.



Kristina Utz